Hello, I'm Madhava

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based in New York.




I am a Software Engineer originally from Australia but raised in the USA, bringing with me 5 years of professional experience in JavaScript development. My passion lies in React.js and the entire JavaScript ecosystem, encompassing Node.js and Express. I also have a strong enthusiasm for crafting elegant and user-friendly user interfaces.


A white label brand page build with React, Sass and PHP. I worked closely with the design team and a PHP developer on my team to bring this vibrant page to life. I built the frontend using React, Sass and GraphQL.

Facilites USA

A full stack single page application that I built from the groud up with React, PostgreSQL and Express. This is a client portal that allows the companies important clients to view the status of jobs in real time and to send job requests directly to the service team that handles scheduling. The app renders different data depending which client is logged in and the level of permissions each user has.

Apartment Quirks

A full stack single page application build with React, PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails. This cutting edge idea was inspired by a negletcful landlord I dealt with in NYC back in 2016. I was inspired to bring transparency to the rental marked and help new renters find their dream apartment.

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